Sunday, July 5, 2015

Read All About It

One of the ways I found out about the latest fashion trends is by reading magazines.  I have subscriptions for quite a few, and really like looking through each issue to find new things to share with you!  Here are some I think I you'll love:

People StyleWatch
I just renewed my subscription for the third year in a row.  An easy, fun, entertaining magazine perfect for teens and up!  People StyleWatch includes deals to get discounts, fashion tips for any budget and body type, as well as ways to copy a celebrity's style.  My favorite parts are their sections on hairstyles and makeup.  I'm always looking for new ways to do my hair or switch up my makeup routine.  PSW has introduced me to some of my favorite products - including my CoverGirl "Ready, Set, Gorgeous" foundation, concealer, and powder, Revlon colorstay liquid eyeliner, and Herbal Essences "Naked" shampoo and conditioner (the BEST switch I've ever made!  You will not regret it!!) 
(Only $1 an issue)
Vogue/Teen Vogue
I subscribe to both, and enjoy each for much different reasons.  Teen Vogue is a quick read, featuring celebs more familiar to younger crowds, less expensive, more casual clothing, and tips for handling acne, dances, boyfriends/girlfriends and more topics of the like.  My favorite section covers very important issues, such as anxiety, domestic violence and abuse, rape and peer pressure.  
(Only $.50 an issue!)

Vogue is a much more time-consuming read through, as each issue is anywhere from 350 to nearly 600 pages long.  Beautifully written articles capture world issues, fashion and celebrity life.  I suggest Vogue for anyone interested in a career or hobby in fashion writing.  Very good examples of many different writing styles are included. 

I LOVE this magazine!  This is my favorite that I get, and I am always excited to receive a new issue in the mail.  Each month shares interviews with at least 3 celebrities (and always one male), makeup and hair tips, new products, question and answer sessions from readers, tutorials, recipes and so much more!  This is the magazine I think anyone interested in fashion should be reading! 

Happy Styling! 

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