Sunday, July 5, 2015

Read All About It

One of the ways I found out about the latest fashion trends is by reading magazines.  I have subscriptions for quite a few, and really like looking through each issue to find new things to share with you!  Here are some I think I you'll love:

People StyleWatch
I just renewed my subscription for the third year in a row.  An easy, fun, entertaining magazine perfect for teens and up!  People StyleWatch includes deals to get discounts, fashion tips for any budget and body type, as well as ways to copy a celebrity's style.  My favorite parts are their sections on hairstyles and makeup.  I'm always looking for new ways to do my hair or switch up my makeup routine.  PSW has introduced me to some of my favorite products - including my CoverGirl "Ready, Set, Gorgeous" foundation, concealer, and powder, Revlon colorstay liquid eyeliner, and Herbal Essences "Naked" shampoo and conditioner (the BEST switch I've ever made!  You will not regret it!!) 
(Only $1 an issue)
Vogue/Teen Vogue
I subscribe to both, and enjoy each for much different reasons.  Teen Vogue is a quick read, featuring celebs more familiar to younger crowds, less expensive, more casual clothing, and tips for handling acne, dances, boyfriends/girlfriends and more topics of the like.  My favorite section covers very important issues, such as anxiety, domestic violence and abuse, rape and peer pressure.  
(Only $.50 an issue!)

Vogue is a much more time-consuming read through, as each issue is anywhere from 350 to nearly 600 pages long.  Beautifully written articles capture world issues, fashion and celebrity life.  I suggest Vogue for anyone interested in a career or hobby in fashion writing.  Very good examples of many different writing styles are included. 

I LOVE this magazine!  This is my favorite that I get, and I am always excited to receive a new issue in the mail.  Each month shares interviews with at least 3 celebrities (and always one male), makeup and hair tips, new products, question and answer sessions from readers, tutorials, recipes and so much more!  This is the magazine I think anyone interested in fashion should be reading! 

Happy Styling! 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Tired-Looking Toes? Consider Yourself PediCURED

The arrival of the summer season brings with it the constant need to shave (if you feel the way about your own leg hair that I do), sticky legs and toes desperate to be let out of their boots, sneakers and flats.  With the sun blazing, break out your favorite sandals, but not without following a few steps. 

The first thing needed is a full cleanse and exfoliation to get rid of any dead skin, rough spots or anything else that may have gathered on your feet during the winter months.  You can book yourself an appointment and have a professional do this, or you can diy at home! (Perks: you can stay in your pajamas and binge on Orange is the New Black - there's no judging here.  We all do it.) 

If you plan on regularly giving yourself a pedicure, I recommend investing in a pedi tub, like one of these: 

But, if you really don't pedi-up that often, then just get yourself the essentials.  These can be found at any drugstore, or the motherland that is Target.  
  • Pumice Stone (great for getting rid of dead skin!)
  • Cuticle Cream (bonus if you can get a great smelling one!)
  • Foot Lotion
  • Heavy Socks (I highly suggest ones infused with shea or aloe)
  • Nail File 
Neons will NEVER go out of style!  Nothing screams "summer" more than corals, oranges, bright pinks and turquoises.  I love mint greens, hot pinks, bright purples and soft blues.  
I swear by Essie nail polish.  It is a bit more expensive than a drugstore favorite, such as Sally Hansen or any other brand, but it is most definitely worth it.  There's great sales going on all the time, especially at makeup-heaven (Ulta), so it's always a great deal to buy a bunch!  They release new colors almost every month, so keep yourself posted on their bright, great quality colors! 

I do a lot of walking during the summer months, so I always look for a shoe that provides comfort, along with style.  I look at Target for a lot of sandals, because I'm not the kind of person who will drop $200 on a pair of shoes I'll wear for three months out of the year.  I suggest checking out stores like Target American Eagle and Hollister 

Freshly painted toenails and new shoes always make me feel confident and great, during the summer months!   Let me know if you decide to give yourself a home pedicure.  I would love to see what you come up with!  

Happy Styling!  

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Jumpsuits - The New LBD?

As an avid dress wearer, there's nothing I love more than finding a closet staple I know I can wear many times, dressed up or down.  However, as someone who is nearly always cold, some days I am just too chilly to pull out the sundresses I love, but one of my fatal flaws is snagging pairs of tights (I must have six or seven pairs with holes somewhere)!  When I saw various celebrities, including Naomi Watts, Shailene Woodley and our queen, BeyoncĂ©, wearing both casual and dressy jumpsuits, I knew I had found my newest obsession.

 Perfection! Accessories are enough, but don't distract from the main attraction.  Love!

With all the versatility, comfort and easiness of spring and summer dresses, these pieces are suiting up to be one of the season's hottest trends.  They take the same amount of effort to slip on as your favorite skater dress, but allow the ability to sit without your legs together, while eliminating three of my least favorite things: unsticking thighs from chairs, worrying about suffering a fashion mishap, especially in the back, and holding skirts when a gust of wind comes.

Casual style dressed up with pumps, but kept down-to-earth with tousled, simple waves.  
Can she do anything wrong (the answer is no!)?  THIS is the way a printed jumpsuit should look!!

Let's break down a celebrity's look: 
I adore Kate Beckinsale's deep fuchsia one-shoulder jumpsuit she wore to the Film Independent Spirit Awards.  The British Actress pairs this look with eye-catching, but simplistic gold accessories - a slim, metallic clutch and chunky bangles complete the look, while peep-toe pumps in the same color palate elevate the outfit.  Shiny waves and minimal makeup top the whole thing off.


Some jumpsuits I love - at all different price points: 

American Eagle: Floral Jumpsuit (60 percent off!) and Printed Jumpsuit 

If you try a look at home similar to anything I've shown, please let me know!  I'd love to see what you come up with! 

Happy Styling!